A place of opportunity, discovery and inspiration
A place that inspires. A rich and long history of art and music infuses our Cornish culture. We embrace the creative, the outliers and the wild. In Cornwall, creativity springs from the landscape and flows through the people to the ocean.
but this is just the beginning
Cornwall means Business...
A place built on invention, innovation and graft...
Our potential is embedded in our foundations
like glittering veins of ore waiting to be discovered. We lead the way, connected by rail, road, air and sea.
Food that delights
From the humble pasty to Michelin starred dining. Locally grown, sourced and foraged ingredients inspire us to create globally-admired food inspired by landscape, and beloved products that are exported around the world.
Rugged and unique
A place where the landscape makes us
Storm-sculpted outcrops, sheltered tropical valleys and 422 miles of coastline with dunes, moors, woodland and rolling farmland in-between gift us with rarity, beauty and opportunity.
A place we are lucky enough to call home...
Living, doing business, visiting or just curious...
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